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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 7, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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isis claims jordanian air strikes killed an american hostage but doesn't provide proof. world leaders are trying to push for peace negotiations between russia and ukraine as violence in eastern ukraine escalates. and we go to congo where a documentary about gorilla conservation efforts has been nominated for two awards. these stories ahead. welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. straight to our top stories. jordan voufwing revenge on isis delivering with air strike. isis claims the warplanes killed a female american hostage. the terror group took back in 2013. becky anderson is in a mann
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jordan. she joins us live with the latest. including why people are skeptical about these isis krams claims about this hostage. >> reporter: because they have form on this and we'll talk about that in a moment. let me bring you up to speed and what we know from here. so far the latest strikes are concerned, you're right to point out that jordan has vowed revenge, promising the father of a young pilot so brutally murdered by isis that they will eradicate this group. more air strikes yesterday, friday and we are told that some 47 militants possibly killed that according to activists in rakka, killed in a province very close by. so very active in the air it seems. no detail stoss as to what the jor
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dane yans are s danians are planning to do today, but we're getting more information as far as how many sources are being flown and what their targets are. barbara starr reporting with more now on why the international community doesn't believe isis about kayla mueller's death. >> reporter: the isis claim kayla mueller, a 26-year-old american aid worker died if a jordanian air strike on this building in rakka, syria. immediate skepticism. isis claims mueller alone was killed by a second round of air strikes by jordanian f-16s. >> seems very convenient from their point of view that she would be alone in this building without any other guards who are all supposedly out friday prayers when this air strike happened to hit the house and they're of course saying that it was from a jordanian aircraft. how on earth could they know that it was a jordanian aircraft
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rather than another aircraft from the united states or some other power. >> reporter: jordan calling it it the latest low pr stunt and says isis is trying to drive a wedge between the coalition. key questions? how would isis know it was a jordanian bomb. is this it a way to avoid the backlash of killing a woman? why would she be left alone in a building? could isis have an bapbandoned her in order to make her a human shield? >> if i was isis i would put the prisoners in key buildings and positions and try to get that out to the coalition against me to maybe deter them from bombing them. >> reporter: the obama administration had been worried about mueller since she was captured in august 2013. and after the violent video of the killing of the jordanian pilot emerged, u.s. officials privately expressed growing concern about her fate.
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but as jordan's queen runia marched in the streets, it appears the strategy is backfiring and arab resolve is growing. >> this is our war. this is not the west's war. we are the spearhead of this war. >> reporter: barbara starr cnn, the pentagon. >> reporter: though kayla mueller is just 26 years old, she has spent much of her life apparently helping other people apa a a closer look now at a woman known as a citizen of the world. >> kayla mueller is from prescott arizona and probably best described as a citizen of the world. in high school she volunteered for the save darfur coalition and even lobbied members of
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congress and staged silent protests for the cause. in college at northern arizona university she became president of a group called stand, a student-led movement to end mass atrocities. after graduation she traveled first to northern india. then to israel and the palestinian territories working for humanitarian organizations. by 2011 syria was beck on thatting and she spoke online. >> imin solidarity with the syrian people. i reject the brutality and killing that the syrian authorities are committing against the syrian people. >> reporter: in 012, mueller made her first trip to the syrian/turkish border, working for aid groups. on a trip home in may of 2013 she spoke to her local paper about her experiences saying quote, when syrians hear i'm an american, they ask where is the world. all i can do is cry with them because i don't know. she returned to the region and
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just about two months after that interview was taken hostage. mueller was leaving a hospital in allepo when she was kidnapped. her family wouldn't hear about her fate until may of 2014 ten months after she was first captured. isis provided proof of life and demanded nearly $7 million or they would kill hr august 13. mueller is believed to have survived that deadline but any negotiations with isis that may have taken place for her release have been secret. she was held hostage during the same time and perhaps at points in the same cell as three other americans, james foley, steven sotloff, and abdul kassig. like then she had gone into a are war-torn country to help anyway she could. she was quoted as saying syrians are dying by the thousands and fighting just to talk about the rights we have. she went on to say for as long as i live i'll not let the suffering be normal.
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>> reporter: and it does seem iron he canic ironic doesn't it when you listen to kayla and talking about what the syrian administration was doing to its people, this is an administration that isis say she are set up to fight, as well. that was at least in the initial stages. this is a group, sort of rose out of the ashes of the syrian civil war they said fighting in the name of syrians against that administration of bashiring aabout a alba bashir al bashar al assad. and yet how it appears they may have killed the person fighting the same organization in the past. begs belief really. >> it really does. and i'm wondering as jordan continues its air strikes, what about the people there in aman? is there widespread support in. >> reporter: this was a country
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that wasn't united in its support for skror dan'sjordan's role of the coalition ahead of the video of the pilot being so brutally murdered. pretty hard expressed when you speak to jordanians now who are divided to find anybody who is really divided in their support for the armed forces here. so very much more cohesive support in the past week or so for king abdullah's positioning here. how long that will last well, that remains to be seen doesn't it. you're feeling the support across the region but the more pilots who are killed the more people who lose their lives on the ground will lead i'm sure at some point to dissolutionillusionment
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about exactly how effective this campaign is. >> thank you, becky. the urs military is monitoring isis to decide whether to propose sending american ground troops to help in the fight. the u.s. says isis is trying to reinforce its defenses in iraq's second largest city which it has control of. and members are already protecting their families by moving them out of the area. top u.s. military officials say if troops are sent, they would help target isis, but they would not go into combat. we have this just in that taliban fighters have blown up a girl's school in the eastern kunar province of afghanistan. the district chief says the explosion happened around 9:00 p.m. local time so no students were inside the building. thank goodness for that. fighters apparently warned residents not to come out of their houses before blowing up the secondary school and a nearby health clinic. 250 girls in the area had been
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spotlight. there is a security conference following talks with president putin. moscow called that conversation a positive step in settlement of the ukranian crisis. that's a quote. this hour's talks in munich include the u.s. secretary of state, russian's foreign minister lavrov and ukraine's president. we want to turn now to nick paton walsh, he's been reporting on the escalating violence. he's in donetsk for us. you're saying no sign there that the violence is easing off at a time when diplomats are sitting down at the table. >> reporter: far from it, nat the alie. there has been heavy artillery over there and according to many witnesses, residents who have been here for the past week that is a lot closer than they have heard it or seen is it before. so a certain sense of escalation here definitely and that is
2:14 am
after two leaders of the biggest economies traveling to the kremlin to meet vladimir putin. of course the prem lynnkremlin saying it was a positive step because it was trying to bring a peace plan to vladimir putin, but today we're at a stage where angela merkel is saying she's not sure how successful the talks will be, but it was worth a try and real sense that the emphasis is on the battlefield behind me one where the separatists look emboldened and many are asking exactly what can be done diplomatically other than try to hark back to cease fire agreement signed last year which fell apart very quickly afterwards. so a lot of confusion today and frankly little sign from the separatists that they have heard anything from moscow which necessarily changes the direction here. natalie. >> yes and what are the people there in dough mesk saynetsk saying in they have been called up in this for
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some time and innocent civilians have been caught in the crossfire. >> reporter: well, innocent civilians have been caught for months, but it has escalated recently particularly here. used to be a city of a million and now it's hollowed out substantially. the streets last night were empty. there are a few people moving around now because frankly life has to sustain, people have to get food water, to what they possibly can to deal with the changing exchange rates, lack of electricity and water. a sense of siege they feel under and i think that's fair to some degree. ukraine has put out substantial check points on the way out and a pass system for ukranian systems who want to come in and out of this particular area because kiev wants to make russia deal with the humanitarian issue that they feel russia has instigated. so a very dire situation for civilian many caught by the indiscriminate shelling. i can hear it now constantly on the outskirts of the town and
2:16 am
increasingly toward the center. not the backdrop anybody expected for peace talks and one frankly which makes people worry that if those talks in moscow bring nothing, which looks to be the case so far, we're looking at worsening violence rather than a continued sense of stalemate. >> certainly a bleak picture from your vantage point there where you can hear the shelling right now. nick paton walsh for us in donetsk. thank you. jim bolden is in munich will leaders are pushing for a piece deal. hi jim. we know that these talks come after the talks there in ukraine in kiev and moscow. so a lot of people paying attention to see what comes out of this. >> reporter: that's absolutely right. p what we have here is a unique opportunity really where you have world leader john kerry,
2:17 am
angela merkel has just given a speech, she spoke for about a half an hour. she didn't give away any information about the details of what kind of plan that was discussed into the early hours of this morning in moscow with president vladimir putin. but she did say again very clearly that she does not believe that military means is the way to end the crisis in ukraine. that of course direct contradiction to what you may be hearing out of shall people on the u.s. congress or even hints from the u.s. government that maybe just maybe the u.s. needs to start sending some defensive military weapons to the ukranian military. we also heard her say that those talks are still very uncertain whether that may lead to ground work to making some progress toward a cease-fire. she did say that -- she didn't use the word hopeful, she just said it's uncertain that the talks would lead to success. but she said it was worth doing because the people of ukraine deserve it. and then she did mention that poroshenko was in the audience
2:18 am
he stood up and there was a lot of clapping. he did this to everybody. quite a moment because she wanted to make it very clear that germany is supporting the people of ukraine. >> interesting that these meetings kind of popped up there in moscow and came just days really after the united states announced that it might help beef up ukraine militarily. was that at all an instigator perhaps at getting the diplomas city rolling again? >> reporter: i'm sure analysts would say that certainly is because there is the question of the west not speaking with one voice. if the u.s. is minuting toward unilaterally giving defensive type weaponry and support to ukraine where again mrs. merkel saying very clearly she doesn't see military solution to this. and as nick paton walsh was talking about, the violence continues to get worse. so i think what you can only hope for out of the moscow talks and what we're hearing about possibly a conference call tomorrow with vladimir putin and leaders of ukraine, germany and
2:19 am
france you might just try to find a solution that something toward a cease-fire certainly not looking at anything beyond that something to stop the violence now. mrs. merkel is actually taking questions now from the audience in forum here in the munich security conference. so interesting to see whether she gives us a little bit more detail of possible outcome, a possible outline of what might have been spoken to with president putin overnight and france with a holland oig. there are a lot of meetings going on today. secretary kerry with lavrov foreign minister of russia, pore shenk company shen company, as well, and angela merkel. so where they're trying to find common ground to get a cease-fire in eastern ukraine. >> hopefully she'll have something to say and hopefully it will be good news at some point. thank you, jim. we'll take a quick break.
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we have a developing story out of iraq. the u.s. military as we reported is monitoring isis in mosul to decide whether to propose sending in american ground troops to help in the fight against isis, the ugs say.s. saying isis is trying to reinforce its defenses in iraq's second largest city which it has
2:23 am
maintained control of. phil black is in the region and he has been hearing increased activity there in the city of mosul. he joanins me now on the line with more. >> reporter: we are about 10 kilometers to the southeast of mosul. it is a division that is controlled by kurdish fighters. we've formeded a defensive line between kurdish territory and mosul which as you're saying is still very much under the control of isis. and from this vantage point on a clear day, you can see right down into that isis-controlled city, iraq's second largest city. it is an incredible view from up here. a little hazy today, so our vantage isn't as good as it can be. but what we can hear very clearly, ongoing air strikes. the sound of military aircraft is very much a constant and every few moments, loud booms in
2:24 am
the near distance. activity on the coalition, air strikes, has really picked up over the last week. the activity has really picked up since the murder of that jordanian pilot. since that event, they have noted very significant uptick in air strikes here. you mentioned the debate about whether or not to have u.s. forces on the ground. it is expected to try to liberate mosul there isis at some point in the future. they have circled the city.
2:25 am
the belief is that a maimjor offensive strike will begin once the army is rebuilt, retrained to do the lion's share of the work in that sort of operation. peshmerga says they are prepared to play their part but it's expected to be led by the iraqi army army. [ inaudible ] >> phil black thanks so much. we're starting to get hits on your line. but thank you for calling in. phil black letting us know this there have been stepped up air strikes there over mosul right now that he is hearing, not exactly seeing, because of hazy skies there. well, we are going to turn now to hazy skies over spokane, washington because something odd is falling out of those skies. >> different type of haze.
2:26 am
in fact this is haze that is forme from volcanic ash or at least potentially. social media has been alight with pictures just like this. people's cars and even their coats covered in this gray milky substance which some people are theorizing that is actually from an active volcano over eastern russia. there is also another theory that it could have been pulled up from the jet stream winds from a recent eruption over southwestern portions of mexico. and the third theory floating around the internet would be the recent fires that have occurred across oregon and parts of i'd owe idaho. but one thing for sure we have a lot of active weather with the jet stream funneling in all the moisture. take a look at this dramatic video out of jefferson county, washington. rescue crews going door to daroor to make sure everyone safely out
2:27 am
of their homes. three people had to be helped out of the pickup truck because of high rushing water and this heavy rainfall has also led to increased threats of mudslides across this region. something we'll monitor very closely. look at the radar across the pacific northwest. really lighting up from vancouver to seattle, portland all the way to san francisco. by the way 70,000 people without power at the moment mere greater san francisco bay area. and it's not only heavy rain that is the concern. you can see high wind warnings from california to oregon and wall and parts of nevada. the national weather service has clocked a wind gust of 134 miles per hour on friday in nevada. that is equivalent to a category 4 hurricane and it left scenes customer like this outside of reno nevada. it take a look at this footage coming through. dust storm in full effect. this is actually from what is called a down sloping wind, it
2:28 am
flows downhill. so basically what is happening, the wind is coming there higher elevation to lower elevation and picking up speed as it does so leaving scenes like that. unbelievable footage. not all bad though. there is also a pretty interesting video coming out of that region of my favorite cloud formation. i have to show this to you before i let you go. this is called a lenticular cloud. often mistaken by a ufo there people on the ground. unidentified flying object. i don't know. do you see it? >> it's an identified lenticular cloud. >> yes. if you look on the screen you can see almost that kind of a cone shape to it and how it is staying just still. not going anywhere. it's a phenomenon that occurs with very special weather patterns, down slope winds off of mountain ranges. >> and you don't want to fly in to that. >> you do not. >> thanks. all right.
2:29 am
a british man was sentenced to pretty on for leaving britain to train at a terror camp. next we'll tell you how he tried to sneak back into the uk undetected. and then the pilot of tranceation i can't flight 235 may have turned off their only working engine before the fatal craft. we'll have the latest on the investigation. k the possibilities of tomorrow......"lift tab." behold the beauty of balance. crisp flakes of fiber-rich bran. answered by the perfect quantity of sun sweetened raisins. and with the sublime addition of ice-cold milk, the day begins. ♪sun'll come out, tomorrow♪ tomorrow is waiting. own it, with kellogg's® raisin bran see you at breakfast™. and delight in temptingly tart and sweet new kellogg's® raisin bran with cranberries. [airplane sounds]
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you're watching cnn live coverage. world leaders are meeting in germany right now to discuss the escalating violence in ukraine. german chancellor apgngela merkel says prospects for peace are uncertain, but worth trying.
2:32 am
merkel also says russia has shown disrespect for peace and territorial integrity. the family of an american aid worker kidnapped by isis is asking the terror group to contact them. isis claimed a jordanian air strike killed kayla mueller, but the u.s. and jordan are skeptical. mueller's parents say they're hopeful she is still alive. taiwan officials say the pilots of transasia flight 235 would have seen a visual signal of engine failure before the crash. taiwan's aviation safety council says neither engine was running before the plane landed in the river. investigators now believe the plane lost power in one engine and the crew may have accidentally shut down the other. authorities are working to identify dozens of bodies found in an abandoned kree made tore yum in acapulco. not the clear whether the bodies were murder victims or if they were left behind when the
2:33 am
facility closed a year ago. so far officials say there is no link to the 43 students abducted and executed from the same state last year. and now back to one of the major stories we're following. so much is at stake in eastern ukraine especially the lives of innocent civilians with these talks understand way right now in germany to try to bring peace to the region. but the u.n. says more than 200 people have been killed just in the past three weeks. here's more on the escalating conflict. >> reporter: from bad to worse in eastern ukraine. after nine months of conflict, and more than 5300 lives lost the fighting has noticeably intensified in recent weeks. it started here. ukranian forces battled rebels for control of the airport in donetsk in january. our nick paton walsh saw firsthand the airport is now
2:34 am
nearly unrecognizable. left in ruins. caught in the crossfire the conflict is taking an especially heavy toll on civilians. some 220 killed in the last three weeks of january alone according to the u.n.. among the worst single incidents, a rocket attack in january 24 that left at least 30 people dead. human rights watch says pro-russian separatists were likely behind the attack. both sides have been blamed for bombarding civilian areas. earlier this week shelling hit this hospital in the heart of donetsk killing at least three people. and the fighting continues to spread. in the nearby town there is little left. food is scarce there is no
2:35 am
running water, electricity or gasoline. wood is being collected for heat and snow melted for drinking water. many have been trying to flee for days but the main road out of town has also come under fire. right now the only thing in ready supply in ukraine's conflict zone seems to be despair. jordan has delivered on its promise to retaliate against isis for the murder of a jordanian pilot. the country launched a new series of air strikes. dozens of militants have been killed since the strikes resumed this week. isis claims jordan's war planes killed a female american hostage kidnapped by the terror group in 2013. a top jordanian official gave us his thoughts on that claim. >> i think people are becoming increasingly aware of their
2:36 am
games and tricks. what we are saying now is that the war before the murder of our pilot is completely different after the murder of our pie the lot. we understand their games better, we understand how cruel they are and howthe lot. we understand their games better, we understand how cruel they are and how they can use and lie about facts in order to dissuade and in order tody lutd dilute public opinion. >> he says the terrorist group is trying to manipulate public opinion. in taiwan investigators are trying to piece together the crash of the transasia flight. the death toll rose saturday just 38 people, five still unaccounted for. and we're learning more about the flight captain whose parents say he wanted to fly his entire life. here is cnn's anna core ren. >> reporter: this is one of the last photos taken in the
2:37 am
cockpit, a place he only dreamed of when he was just a boy. but having almost 5,000 flying hour the 41-year-old pilot was the captain in charge when transasia flight tramg beinggically went down. his name came up on the tv screen and my heart sank. when we got the to the crash site and saw the wreckage, we knew there was no hope. all the pilots were killed along with dozens of other passengers. the only comfort is knowing their son may have prevented an even bigger disaster. i know in that instant all my son would have cared about was to steer the plane away from the buildings and populated areas to try to save lives.
2:38 am
the mayor has praszedised help for his bravery and saying if it had crashed elsewhere, thousands could have died. and while an investigation is under way into what went so terribly wrong, initial readings from the flight data and cockpit recorders suggest one engine stalled, while the other shut down. his parents speak of their son with love and admiration. they say his humble beginnings did not deter him from becoming a pilot. instead, he joined the military working hard in the air force until he finally qualified to fly commercial planes. i feel honored by my son's act, but his sacrifice was so great. my heart is deeply broken. i don't know how to go on. a mother's deepest pain as she prepares to bury her son.
2:39 am
anna anna coren taipei. so difficult to hear from his parents. a man who left london to fight with an isis aligned terrorist group now faces 12 years in prison. a judge sentenced the man friday after he admitted attending a terrorist training camp in syria. how the westerner tried to trick authorities to make it back into the uk. >> reporter: 27-year-old appears to beam with pride as he introduces his comrade at a training camp in syria. he traveled to syria in january 2014 and joined a group that became aligned with isis. later that year he returned back to the uk, police arrested him. in december he pleaded guilty to preparing acts of terrorism, attending a training camp receiving training, and possessing firearms. now he's been sentenced to 12
2:40 am
years in prison. law enforcement described him as a threat to britain. >> this is a man who has been trained as a terrorist in syria. he poses a real and very genuine threat to his country. >> reporter: in court prosecutors played a propaganda video featuring him, in one video he's introduced and promotes him and others shown as role models and encourages those who watch to join them. he can also be seen posing with severed heads. prosecutors said he tried to fake his own death tried to conceal his attempt to return to the uk. four months after his riflt inarrival, the group posted this message saying he was killed in battle. pay ala accept him. may we meet again my brother. with you but when he tried to enter britain, he was arrested along
2:41 am
with his cousin. the defense argued that he was tired of the fighting an missed his family. the judge rejected this claim and argued he was back in the country to recruit others. he is a trusted face of american tv news. but the fallout surrounding brian williams' helicopter tale is growing. next here, can his career survive? also ahead, we take you behind the scenes to look at a film racking up nominations this award season. it focuses on the people protecting the few gorillas left in the jungle of the congo.
2:42 am
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questions and speculation are swirling around mexico's guerrero state after authorities made a more filing discovery. dozens of bodies including children found in an abandoned crematorium in acapulco. more now on a question about a group of missing college students. >> reporter: authorities found the bodies in an abandoned crematorium. there were 60 bodies inside belong to go women, men and children. some of the bodies were perfectly embalmed and ready for cremation. officials say neighbors called police after noticing a foul
2:45 am
smell coming from the crematorium. the building had been anbandoned for about a year. cnn reports police first found the bodies in a cremation room a second pile in an adjacent room. back in september, 43 students from a rural college disappeared in a city located in the same state. right now there is no indication the crematorium discovery is connected and authorities already have an exmapex explanation for the missing students. after four months of investigation, mexican officials concluded in late january the students were abducted executed burnt in a landfill and rye mainremains tossed in a nearby river. remains of only one student have been identified. but parents say they don't believe the authorities' version of the story and have continued to protest.
2:46 am
a group marched on a highway connecting mexico city and acapulco thursday blocking traffic for hours. even though there is no indication the bodies found in acapulco are related in any way to the dwsisappearance of the students the discovery is already fueling speculation. dozens of bodies have been found in guerrero in the last few months and authorities have yet to identify most of them. rafael ramos, cnn. cnn has learned police are now focusing on bobbi kristina brown's boyfriend nick gordon as they investigate how the daughter of whitney houston ended up face down in a bathtub. a source close to the family also tells cnn brown has injuries that still need to be explained. the 21-year-old was found unresponsive in her atlanta area home january 31. a source close to the family says she continues to be in a medically induced coma. well, despite multiple
2:47 am
apologies, the controversy surrounding american news anchor brian williams and his ride-along with the u.s. army in iraq 12 years ago isn't going away. now nbc has launched an internal investigation into williams' claims and the pilot of the chinook helicopter which ill will williams says came under fire is questioning his own memory.ill will williams says came under fire is questioning his own memory. now more on what a little while lie has unravel fld to big problems for the anchor and the network. >> reporter: a mea culpa from one of the country's most trusted news man may not be enough. >> i want to apologize, i said i was traveling in an aircraft that was hit by rpg fire. i was instead in a following aircraft. >> reporter: nbc anchor brian williams is blaming a foggy medical other for his embellishment of events saying i would not have chosen to make this mistake. i don't know what screwed up in
2:48 am
my mind that caused me to conflate one aircraft with another. a chinook helicopter was forced down but not the one he was on. here's how he reported it at the time. >> suddenly without knowing why, we learned we've been ordered to land in the desert on the ground we learned the chinook ahead of us was almost blown out of the sky. >> reporter: but over the years the story changed. in 2013 he told david letterman this version. >> two of our four helicopters were hit by ground fire including the one i was in. >> no kidding? >> rpg and ak-47s. >> reporter: and this version last friday during a tribute to a veteran. >> helicopter we were traveling in was forced down after being hit by an rpg. >> reporter: that's when soldiers who were there started speaking up. lance reynolds writing on facebook sorry, dude, i don't remember you being on my aircraft. do you remember you walking up about an hour after we landed to ask me what had happened. others called him out, as well,
2:49 am
prompting williams to apologize on facebook and on the "nightly news". >> this was a bungled attempt by me to thank one special veteran and by extension our brave veterans everywhere those who have served wild i did not. i hope they know they have my greatest respect and also now my apology.i did not. i hope they know they have my greatest respect and also now my apology. >> reporter: the pilot of the helicopter williams was in says the aircraft was hit by small air fire. >> mr. williams was on board my aircraft. we took small arms fire. all i know is one rpg was fired. i agree he needs to apologize and get the record set straight but i don't take offense personally. >> reporter: media critics are not shrugging it off. and nbc is wondering what the fallout will be and whether he has damaged the network's credibility along with his own. well, rosie owe date of
2:50 am
birth he will isrosie o'donnell is leaving "the view" again after announcing a split from her wife. she was on the show in 2007 and again this season. her publicist says she's leave to go focus on her family. the the network has not announced a replacement. a royal milestone for queen elizabeth. we take a look back at her 63 years on the throne. major: ok fitness class! here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. crowd: yayyyy! heart: i'm going to focus on the heart. i minimize my sodium and fat... gotta keep it lean and mean. pear: uh-oh. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium... and phytosterols, which may help lower cholesterol. major: i'm feeling energized already. new delicious ensure active heart health supports your heart and body, so you stay active and strong. ensure. take life in.
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what a miami milestone for the queen. queen elizabeth ii celebrated 26 years on the throne friday. that makes her the longest reigning monarch in the world. max foster takes a look at those 63 years. >> reporter: when she came to the throne oig, winston churchill was still prime minister. crowned at westminster abby on the second of june, 1953 since then she's received 12 different british prime ministers. met every serving u.s. president apart from lyndon johnson and had encounters with seven popes going back to pious xii. she sat for over 130 portrait
2:54 am
launched more than 20 ships and conferred more than 400,000 honors. the queen now 88 has four great grandchildren, including her future heir prince george. it brings mixed emotions the day she exceeded to the thrown, oig, but also the day she lost her father so she always spend it is privately at her country home where he died. >> 63 years on the throne. well, in the depths of the con ga lease forest rangers are fiercely battling poachers threatening the gorilla population. the story of the fight for conservation is told in the film nominated for both bafta and an oscar. we spoke with the movie's director.
2:55 am
rest against a british oil company exploring for oil and a new civil war. there is a pattern which withplays out with foreign interests coming in to the country, taking the country's resources and end result being very bad for con ga lease. and what we realized is the bigger process playing out on a
2:56 am
micro level. the risks the rangers take are extraordinary, 140 of them have died in the last 15 years, and every day, these guys wake up knowing it could be hair last. but they do that because they believe in the hope that this park represents for the entire region and the potential it has to transform the region through economic development. and with that comes stability and peace. looking in to the eyes of the gorilla is quite life changing. you see our shared ancestry. there are just four characters they're all extraordinary individuals. >> they must not feel that they abandoned. >> the heart of the film is with a caretaker. he's one of only a handful of people who has that job in the entire world. he basically has no human family and he has this other family which is made up of four orphan
2:57 am
gorillas and their interactions are just incredible. >> we are hearing many, many many bombs. >> and on a personal level, it's extraordinary, incredibly humbling. it's rare to meet people who believe in something so much that they will die for it. and that makes me want to try to do better in my own life. >> the director there of the documentary, a must see. and again, it's nominated for both a bafta and an oscar. thanks for watching. for viewers in the u.s. "new day" is just ahead. for everyone else, amanpour starts in just a moment.
2:58 am
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new details that isis is getting hit and getting hit hard. activists claiming that 47 terrorists have been killed in a single strike. and more on the u.s. woman that was killed in the air strikes. now, word that they demanded $6 million for the safe return. new questions into what really happened to bobbi